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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between parcel taxes and bond measures?

Bond measures and parcel tax measures are used for different purposes — bond measures can only fund facility upgrades and improvements, and cannot be used for operating costs or programs. Parcel taxes may be used for teachers and academic programs.

Will funding from this measure be used to fund public employee pensions?

No. Funds from the parcel tax renewal measure may only be used to fund the specific programs and services identified in the measure. School districts do not set retirement benefits for their employees—they are set at the state level. Any increases in contributions to state teacher and school employee retirement systems will have to be funded from other sources.

What would the cost of a renewal measure be for renters?

Only property owners who pay property taxes will pay the cost. However, landlords may pass all or a portion of the cost of the measure on to their tenants.

Measure B Parcel Tax Renewed in 2018

Since 1864, Miller Creek School District (Formerly Dixie School District) has provided local elementary and middle school students with a challenging and enriching education that promotes academic excellence and lifelong learning. Our local schools are recognized as some of the best in our city, county and state.

For nearly 30 years, our schools have relied on locally-controlled parcel tax funding to maintain manageable class sizes, retain great teachers and offer challenging and enriching educational programs to all students. This funding helps prepare our students for high school, college and careers. 

Local Funding Measure Renewed

To protect teaching and instructional programs in local elementary and middle schools, the Miller Creek School District Board of Trustees voted to place a measure on the May 8, 2018 all-mail ballot to renew existing parcel tax funding for 12 years. The ballot stated that the measure would renew the annual rate of $352 per parcel and add $118 per parcel.  The measure included an annual  3%  increase each year to ensure funding keeps pace with inflation and the cost of providing instruction.

Funds from this measure are used to

  • Attract and retain qualified teachers
  • Maintain instructional materials and equipment for science programs
  • Support core academic programs, including math, science, technology, reading and writing
  • Maintain music programs and world language electives, such as French and Spanish classes
  • Maintain classroom computers and technology instruction
  • Maintain class sizes
  • Keep school libraries open and maintain library services and materials

To ensure funds from the parcel tax renewal measure are spent as promised to protect quality education in local schools, the following mandatory fiscal accountability safeguards are required:

  • All funding raised by this measure benefits local schools and no funds can be taken by the State or other school districts
  • By law, no funds from this measure can be used for administrator salaries
  • An independent citizens’ oversight committee, annual audits and reports to the community to ensure funds are spent as promised
  • An optional exemption for senior citizens is available
  • The measure automatically expires in 12 years and can not be extended without voter approval

Measure B Information

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