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Daily Screening Information

In order to help facilitate the safe return of students to the school campus, we have partnered with CrisisGo, a leader in school safety communications and their Safety iPASS health-screening platform. This will allow us to have our students and staff pre-certify that they are healthy to return to school.  If you would like further information on Safety iPASS, please click this video link for a 1-minute overview.


Steps for Daily Certification


Step 1: Parents/guardians will receive a daily email at 6:00am. The email will come from Parents/guardians are to complete the daily health certification before your student(s) arrives at school. 


Step 2: Open your email, click the REPORT button. Complete the verification by 7:30am. A GREEN entry badge is needed to enter the school campus.


Step 3: Students will enter the school campus and proceed to their classroom for verification. Students should be wearing a mask and maintain social distance.  


Step 4: Classroom teachers and instructional assistants will receive a verification status report at 7:50. Once verified, the student will enter the classroom. 


Step 5: If a student is unverified, the student will be escorted to the nurse/health aid for proper verification. Please note: students will not be allowed in their prospective classrooms until proper verification has been obtained.