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Reopening Schools FAQ

Dear Miller Creek Community,

Thank you for your patience through this ever evolving environment. Our board provided direction regarding our reopening plan at the Board meeting last night. Since the meeting last night,  that direction has been modified by updated guidelines announced by Governor Newsom today. Those orders may force us to be a bit more flexible in our timeline for return to in-person instruction, but we did want to communicate our path forward as of today.  

We are writing to confirm that we will begin the 2020-2021 school year with remote learning. Our plan for an improved remote learning experience will move forward, with the intent to return students to in-person instruction in small cohorts as soon as it is safe, and as permitted by the State of California and local health orders and guidance.

To summarize:

  • The Miller Creek School District will begin the 2020-21 school year with an improved Remote Learning plan. This is now mandated by the State.

    • Governor Newsom announced today that any district within a County currently on the State’s monitoring list is mandated to begin the school year with distance learning, and to continue with distance learning until such time as the County has been off the monitoring list for 14 consecutive days. 

    • The state is also mandating delivery of a rigorous distance learning experience, with the expectation of daily live instruction and connection with peers. 

  • Teachers and staff will continue to refine our instructional models. As we previously stated, there will be structured daily and weekly schedules for students, daily live instruction using video conferencing, engaging remote learning content, feedback provided by teachers, consistent use of a Learning Management Platform, and regular communication with families.


  • Our Board decided that remote learning would continue until at least October 2nd (6 weeks), and that by September 15th, the District would reassess and announce the capacity and timeline for next steps to transition to in-person instruction. With Governor Newsom’s announcement today, that timeline will be driven by State orders/guidance in conjunction with local county health orders/guidance. We will provide updates as we are able. 


  • The first day of school will move to Monday, August 24th. October 19th and March 15th will revert to student attendance days. 

  • Beginning September 8th, at the K-5 level, the District will phase in the AM/PM hybrid model (12 students per group). The initial number of cohorts will depend on teacher availability. Balanced groups will be formed prioritizing vulnerable students, children of essential workers, and willing families (lottery). Again, due to Governor Newson’s announcement today, the September 8 date may no longer be applicable, but we will begin to phase in the hybrid model of instruction as soon as possible in accordance with State and Local orders and guidance. 


  • Miller Creek Middle School will continue to develop a model that will allow for a return to in-person instruction with small cohorts. Since small cohorts will be prioritized, we will not be able to offer the same amount of choice and variety that we have come to expect. We are limited by the size of the cohort, staff, and credentialing and we will do our best to provide as much choice as possible. 


  • Similar to the K-5 level, return to in-person instruction at Miller Creek Middle School will begin with small group instruction, prioritizing the most vulnerable learners and students of essential workers.

Members of the board engaged in a discussion about options for remote learning given the limitations that we experience as a small district. The ultimate direction provided to staff was to resurvey parents to identify families that request remote learning for the entire school year. This information is needed so that the administrative team can determine if we have enough internal staffing to accommodate the priority of in-person instruction, while hosting a 100% distance learning program. In order to make sure our families have options while acknowledging that our internal capacity is limited, we have begun conversation with our neighboring districts to determine their ability to provide distance learning through their proposed “virtual academies”. Look for the survey at the end of July.


Thank you again for your patience through this uncertain time. 



Becky Rosales | Interim Superintendent

Kristy Treewater | Assistant Superintendent