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10.30.20 Community Update
Posted 10/30/20

Dear Miller Creek Community,


There were 477 students receiving in-person instruction from 35 teachers today in the Miller Creek School District. Click here to view a sweet video of some of our elementary students back in action! 


This week we received the positive news that Marin County officially moved to Tier 3- Moderate level indicating the county’s continued success. We are counting on our community to do what’s needed for our students to remain in school. Please review this family pledge which is required before returning to school. Keep these agreements in mind when making plans for Halloween and upcoming holidays. Maintaining your family bubble and avoiding risky traveling behaviors keeps everyone safe. We hope you enjoy this little Halloween Hocus Pocus video reminder, created by our Health team.


We continue to take actions to support the best possible air quality in our classrooms, offices, and shared spaces. We have purchased High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifiers for every classroom. We researched many models and selected a hospital grade purifier with 99.99% efficiency that is capable of filtering out the COVID-19 virus which measures 0.125 microns. We are also moving forward with the purchase and installation of needle-point bi-polar ion generators. These systems create ions that render virus particles noninfectious and physically remove them from the air by clumping together and settling or by capture in a filter. 


Together with our current HVAC systems, open windows and doors, these technologies will work to improve air quality for staff and students now and beyond the current pandemic. These strategies work in tandem with measures such as proper cleaning and disinfecting, on-site testing for staff, daily health verification for staff and students, reduced class size, and use of plexiglass and other protective equipment as part of a multi-layered strategy to create the safest environments possible. Mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, and isolation of known cases, continue to be the most effective infection control measures that we have. 


We are looking forward to welcoming our third wave students back to in-person learning on November 16th. 


Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Don’t forget the time change! 


Take care,


Becky Rosales | Interim Superintendent

Kristy Treewater | Assistant Superintendent