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For medical insurance plans and rates, please click the button below to connect to the MEDICAL INSURANCE page.  Mandatory Health & Welfare notices are provided on this page.  All other benefits are listed in the "Benefits" box. 


Click the button below to take you to the PENSIONS & RETIREMENT page.  This page provides information on your public pensions through CalSTRS and CalPERS, plus 403(b) and 457 voluntary individual retirement accounts available to all employees.

Payroll & Benefits

Welcome to Payroll & Benefits!  This section is intended for the use of contracted employees of Miller Creek Elementary School District.  It is comprised of this page plus separate pages for Medical Insurance and Retirement Plans, which are linked through buttons below.  In these pages you will find a variety of resources to help answer your questions on payroll procedures, and to introduce you to the Miller Creek Elementary School District Flexible Benefit Plan.  There are buttons to take you to the most visited websites and links to some of the most frequently requested forms and documents.  If you have questions you may call Carol Friesen at 415-492-3712 or click the button below to start an email.

NOTE:  Eligibility for most benefits is limited to contracted District employees who work half-time or more (at least 20 hours/week for classified or 0.5 FTE for certificated), and who receive a Fringe Benefit Allowance as part of compensation which can be used to purchase benefits.  

Some benefits are optional and several are mandatory for those that qualify:  Delta Dental and UNUM Group Disability are mandatory plans.  



Commuter Benefits Program

... and the Sonoma Marin Smart Train

The Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program offers tax saving transit benefits to employees. The plan allows you to set aside up to $255 per month from your payroll pre-tax, to pay for transit costs in the greater Bay Area.  This includes the Sonoma Marin Smart Train and you may purchase an Eco-Pass at a discounted rate of $155/month for unlimited monthly Smart Train travel. In addition there is a discount offered for Lyft Line for transportation to and from the train.

If you are interested in participating,  first contact the Payroll Department to have your name added to the list of employees authorized to use the "My Commuter Check" website.  Then follow the links below...

Voluntary Benefits & Flexible Spending

Voluntary Benefits and Flexible Spending Plans are offered through American Fidelity Assurance Company, the administrator of the District's Section 125 Plan.

American Fidelity