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Medical Insurance Plans

Eligibility for Benefits:  Contracted employees who work half-time or more  (at least 20 hours/week for classified or .5 FTE for certificated) are eligible for medical, dental, vision and disability insurance and will receive a Fringe Benefit Allowance as part of their compensation which can be used to purchase benefits.  This allowance is shown on the employee's "Notice of Assignment".  Refer to the "Introduction to Benefits" posted on the Payroll & Benefits web page for more information.

When does coverage begin and how long does it last?    The monthly premium is calculated to pay for a full year of coverage, so the plan you elect and the premiums you pay will cover benefits for 12 months. 

OPEN ENROLLMENT is conducted in September each year.
The current Open Enrollment Notice comes out in the last week of August and can be found on the Payroll & Benefits web page. Benefits-eligible employees may continue their medical plan (if already enrolled, renewal is automatic), or they have the option to join the medical plan, add or drop eligible dependents and/or change medical plans at that time. Any new benefits elected, and any changes to existing benefits, will be effective October 1st.

What Medical plans are offered?  The District Flexible Benefit Plan offers three different Kaiser medical plans and two different Western Health Advantage plans with varying plan designs and costs to meet employee needs:  (a) Kaiser Traditional HMO Plan, (b) Kaiser Deductible HMO, (c) Kaiser Health Savings Account Plan (HSA), (d) Western Health Advantage 15-30 (Traditional HMO) Plan with Rx H, and (e) Western 2800B High Deductible HSA Plan.  Links are provided at right to enable employees to read documents and print forms as needed.

What will it cost the employee?  The District provides a Fringe Benefit Allowance to all contracted employees as part of their compensation (in addition to salary) which is to be used to purchase the approved benefits offered under the Health & Welfare plan.  Premium costs for enrolled benefits that exceed the allowance will be shared by the employee through payroll deduction.  That allowance is subject to negotiation annually.  Traditionally, and for 2018-19, this allowance is set to cover the cost of the Kaiser Traditional HMO + Delta Dental for the full-time employee (there is no District contribution for dependents).  "Full-time" is considered to be 1.0 FTE for certificated and 8 hours/day for classified employees.

How are payroll deductions calculated?  First, the fringe allowance is allocated to the dental plan (it is a mandatory plan for all who qualify), and then the balance of the allowance is applied to the medical plan.  Contact Carol in Payroll & Benefits if you are not full-time and/or are insuring dependents and need an estimate of your payroll deductions.

Linked at right are the two current Medical Plan Comparisons for Kaiser and Western Health Advantage, which show the rates for the five plans and levels of coverage.  Note that these are the gross rates that the carrier charges the District each month; they are not the employee payroll deductions.  The Fringe Benefit Allowance must be deducted to calculate payroll deductions for medical insurance (see preceding paragraph).  This is also discussed in the "Introduction to Benefits" posted on the Payroll & Benefits page. 


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